SansomZito was established as a design firm in 2000.  In 2018, the focus changed from designing interiors and buildings
to designing and capturing experiences.  Life changes, priorities change, passions get explored.  

Private Chef Services
Event design and private chef services are provided for intimate gatherings - dinners for 8, cocktails for 20.  
Gathering to break bread and celebrate life's little and big happenings is really what it is all about.
Only four bookings are taken per year.  We work with you to create foods that have some element
of sense memory whether it's an Italian-American feast recalling childhood memories or
a pan-Mediterranean box lunch on a pontoon boat celebrating the art of travelling well.

We live in the beautiful mountains of Northern California and Mother Nature surprises us everyday.  
Most of us see the world through out windshield.  Our principal owner, Francesca Zito,
tries to capture those fleeting moments through her series - My Commute.  

Custom Art
Wanting to provide a friend with something more personal to celebrate her first child,
Francesca created her first "Baby Name" painting.  Researching the origin and meaning of the child's name,
finding symbols to express the origin or characters embodied,
the paintings capture the experience of bringing a new person into the world
and the all important act of gifting that child with a distinct name.  

Walk the road less travelled.... adventure awaits!
Francesca Zito, Owner/Design Principal

The design principal at Sansom Zito is Francesca Zito.  Francesca’s background is a compilation of fine arts,  
interior design and architecture, event design, farming, wine education and recipe development.  
A unique path that includes all aspects of the domestic cultural arts.

A San Francisco native, Francesca earned her Bachelor’s of Architecture from Oklahoma State University.  
Currently she is studying for the WSET 2 certification for wine and spirits education.

Rob Sansom, Wine and Food Enthusiast and Amateur Historian

Rob is an international man of mystery.  He is a musician, gourmet chef, food and beverage researcher,
recipe tester and has a degree in Sociology.  Born in France, he has travelled in Japan,
Europe and throughout the United States.
Music by Rob Sansom, copyright 2007